Monday, October 12, 2020

Portfolio Sept'20

US Portfolio

I have added Gilead 300 @ $65.40, lower my avg purchase price to $69.40. Currently unrealised loss about ~ US$4k.

AbbVie stocks dropped from 95+ to $87+. As AbbVie is my largest investment, it has caused my overall portfolio dropped from $654k to $645k. Unrealised profits dropped from ~$28k to USD20k.

US portfolio is about 56% of my total share investment. I foresee it will continue to increase as I invest more in US stocks.

SG Portfolio

No additional investment made in Sept 2020.

Sept dividend received $728.

I have opted for script dividend for my OCBC dividend, and decided to take cash dividend for DSB and UOB.

Currently share & cash ratio 50:50, i will continue to invest, probably at a slower pace. 

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